A win-win proposition: Greater work efficiency, better service experience

Through Cloud+End, various application scenarios are linked: passenger management, visitor management, data management and channel management. These systems are integrated into a unified intelligent platform for hotel management, improving the efficiency of service personnel, provide a quality service experience and providing the necessary data to ensure the security of hotel premises.

Innovative application of Social Networking Service + Cloud + End

Features Introduction


1.Personnel & Card Validation

2. Identity Verification

3.Access Management

4.Visitor Management

5.Data Management

Hotel guest

1.Identity Verfication

2.Simplified Access Control


1.Online Reservation


3.Identity Verification

4.Self-service crossing

5.Smart Elevator Dispatch

6.Simplified Access Control


Face recognition relies on a unique, difficult to replicate feature, which greatly improves the safety of visitors, while non-contact features improve the guest experience during their stay.
Helps operational management, security and other supporting departments with effective information support.