Creating safer and more convenient campuses
Giving students and parents the confidence of a comfortable and secure campus

The combination of facial recognition technology and campus management systems can be deployed in colleges and universities, in areas such as teaching and supervision, campus safety, attendance management, examination management, library management, dormitory management, and more. At the same time, it frees up university administrators to focus on more critical tasks.

Schematic diagram of solution deployment

Smart dormitory management system

Provide students with a safe and comfortable accommodate environment, and allow campus administrations to monitor and managements student accommodations in real-time.


Refined access management
Visitor management
Automatic attendance system
Real-time visualisation of student occupancy data
Real-time monitoring and visual alerts of abnormal student behaviour
Comprehensive information release
Dormitory Big Data analysis

Smart library management system

Make reader entry & exit smooth, simplify borrowing and returning procedures, improve rate of book loans, maintain reader-manager relationships and avoid unnecessary disputes.


Facial Recognition Speed Gate
Easy management of on/off campus readers
Real-time statistics on library patronage
Analysis of seat usage in the library
Library big data visualisation
Admission navigation information service

Smart facial access management system

Prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing controlled/restricted areas, prevent unwanted solicitations and theft, and improve the holistic management of campus safety.


Campus entrance and exit personnel management
Office area access control management
Laboratory personnel access management
Personnel control in key areas
Facial recognition is efficient and secure
Personnel access big data analysis

Smart Register/Sign-in Management System

Provide students with a safe and comfortable accommodation environment, and facilitate campus administrators' real-time management of student accommodation. The Smart Registration/Sign-in Management System has fast and convenient features: A new student needs only to stand in front of the face recognition terminal for a few seconds to complete their check-in, with their check-in process displayed, in real-time, on a nearby display.


Face-based check-in, deter imposters
information displayed in real-time
process navigation service
Check-in information real-time push notifications
Check-in data real-time statistics and visualisation

Smart examination room management system

To achieve a fast and accurate identity verification before the examinees enter the examination room, to create a fair examination environment.


Strengthen identification and process management at all stages
Apply 2nd-generation ID card information technology to cut down on processing times and errors from manual entry
Prevent false identification and impersonation through facial recognition technology
Fully automated and non-biased management, eliminating the need for manual intervention, ensuring a fair examination process

Smart attendance management system

Solve problems, such as identity forgery, attendance spoofing, and other issues that commonly in traditional attendance-taking methods. Maintain classroom discipline and create a conducive learning for students.


Facial scan attendance-taking, fast and reliable, and eliminates false attendance records.
Real-time attendance statistics
Teaching and instruction big data statistical analysis

Smart campus public security face dynamic control system

Implement security policies, such as identification and alerts for detection of non-registered personnel, prevent security incidents, and improve the safety of campus grounds.


Persistent and automatic face recognition
Fast and high precision
Automatic face database creation
Creation of blacklist and automatic warning
Querying of

Information distribution

Through BEEBOX technology information distribution system, information can be sent out to all linked terminals rapidly, such as pictures, videos and other custom content.
The system can be supported by high-definition touchscreens, with additional external speakers, and can be set-up as a multimedia publishing terminals while in standby mode.
Apps and small programs can be used to delivery content quickly, and support organisation hierarchical management and zoning management.


Campus-wide PA System
Disseminate school notices, event details and general information.
Fast promotion of school events, such as academic conferences and recruitment fairs.

Big data application

To provide users with authentic and consistently available data and information, to meet business needs, to create an comprehensive big data platform and to provide statistical reports on education and teaching operations, and to provide strong information support to advise the school's management decisions.

Big data analysis of campus
behavior tracking

Analysis of student study habits (library, study room, common spaces)
Student accommodation habit analysis, abnormal behaviour alert
Analysis of students' consumption habits in school
Classroom attendance analysis, student course interest selection analysis

Decision-making informed by
artifical intelligence

School access management
Safety precaution
Educational administration management
School affairs management

Prompt notification for
different stakeholders

School management

Identity data security

In order to ensure the security and privacy of data information, the system has adopted comprehensive preventive measures in terms of functional
design and technical architecture.

Privacy and security: no photos are retained in front-end devices, to prevent accidental disclosure of personal data
At the time of recording, student personal information is removed from the records, ensuring records are handed only to the school management.
A comprehensive privilege management system that can segment access and assign operational rights to different roles.

Core values


Combine the business flow of campus management work, and develop uniform working standards for different business flows


With standardised information flows,business processes on campus can be informatised to inform business decisions.


Automate campus processes, reduce manpower requirements and need for manual intervention, and reduce costs while increasing efficiency


Relying on smart solutions to provide personalized education and teaching services for different individuals anytime and anywhere


Provide multiple business analysis for teaching andmanagement through data analysis