Optimize building management,
improve work efficiency and create a quality service experience

Through the model of Social Network Service + Cloud + End, building management processes are linked: smart channel management, facial recognition-authenticated elevator control, smart visitor management, access control management and attendance management. These systems are integrated into a smart management platform for building managers, improving management processes and work efficiency, and at the same time, creating a quality service experience.

Innovative application of Social Networking Service + Cloud + End

Features Introduction

Property side

1. Personnel Management

2.Visitor Registration

3.Identity Verification

4.Access Management

5. Stay Duration Management

6.Data Management

Tenant side

1. Identity Verification

2.Gate Automation

3.Intelligent Elevators

4.Access Control Linkage

5.Liveness Detection and Spoof Detection

6.Attendance Management

7.Visitor Management


1.Online Reservation

2.Property Registration

3.Identity Verification

4.Self-Service Crossing

5.Smart Elevator Dispatch

6.Access Control Linkage


High-security facial recognition technology greatly enhances the security of the office interior, while contactless face recognition greatly enhances the intelligent office experience. Entry and exit records helps the property company to obtain real-time information about the whereabouts of visitors.