FaceSec Technology Co., Ltd. ("FaceSec Technology") was founded in 2015, specialising in proprietary facial recognition technology, with emphasis on end-user application. Starting from the demand for authentication and identity verification solutions, FaceSec Technology is committed to becoming the world's leading provider of smart solutions with offline and online rapid-deployment traffic management solutions, to enable businesses to achieve scalable and efficient operations. At the same time, Facesec aims at becoming the world's leading intelligent solutions provider, actively venturing into big data value-added services and is committed to building the world's largest internal information exchange service network for offline applications.

FaceSec Technology holds user experience as the core principle of development, creating high-end, platform-based products that lead industry standards in product and interaction design. At the same time, FaceSec Technology products has flexible application customisation capabilities, it can tailor solutions for industry clients and meet the needs of high data volume scenarios.With leading technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data and Internet-of-Things, FaceSec Technologies aims to connect individuals and organisations and enable human-centric intelligent business services, bringing about better, more convenient and smarter lifestyles.



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